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Vanessa Santiago.

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Ring Name:
Vanessa Santiago.
Government Name: Vanessa Estrella Santiago Cristobal.
Birthday: August 14, 1994.
Nickname: “La Dictadora".
Height: Five feet, five inches.
Weight: One hundred and fifteen pounds.
Billed From: Havana, Cuba.

Picbase: Taynara Conti.

In-Ring Attire:

Segment Attire:

Entrance Theme: “Rambo” -- Bryson Tiller. 

Detailed Entrance Description: TBA.

Alignment: Narcissistic, self-centered, bossy heel with the aim of lording over everyone else. Lawful evil. 
Wrestling Style: Heavily influenced by a few different MMA disciplines, namely judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and kickboxing. Her hands and feet are deadly, and her penchant for slapping on submissions makes her even more dangerous. She also happens to enjoy hurting people, so...she’s definitely kinda evil, in that regard.
Gimmick: What does a dictator do? They rise to power and prominence by any means necessary, crush all who oppose them and swinging the hammer at any given opportunity, if it means retaining all that is theirs. The way Vanessa sees it, that’s what’s in her blood. A distant relative of the Castro family, she’s always known of her relation to Fidel -- and she’s always admired him. If he could take over an entire country, then taking over ADL should be cake for her. Maybe she can’t install her own communist regime, but she feels like ADL is hers for the taking just the same. Just thank God she hasn't turned her sights toward world domination -- yet.

Common Moves.
001. Arm-trap elbow strikes
002. Axe stomp
003. Double underhook DDT
004. Fisherman’s suplex
005. Guillotine choke
006. Legsweep, followed by mounted punches and elbows
007. Kneebar
008. Octopus stretch
009. Single-leg takedown
010. Spinning backfist
011. Tomoe nage
012. Uppercut
013. Ura nage 
Signature Moves.

001. Guantanamera (shining wizard)
002. Havana Havoc (feint punch followed by a back kick followed by a calf kick)
Finishing Moves.

001. Cuban Missile Crisis (high-speed roundhouse kick, sometimes to a kneeling opponent)
002. The Regime (omoplata)
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