Harlow Monroe.

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Harlow Monroe.

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Ring Name: Harlow Monroe.
Government Name: Hannah Eliza Williamson.
Birthday: November 19, 1989.
Nickname: “The Bombshell”, “Vintage”.
Height: Five feet, nine inches.
Weight: One hundred and thirty pounds.
Hometown: Seattle, Washington. 

Picbase: Lacey Evans.
In-Ring Attire:

Segment Attire:


Entrance Theme: “Candyman” -- Christina Aguilera.

Detailed Entrance Description: TBA.

Disposition: Neutral good. Upbeat, ladylike, and won't lose her cool until she's pushed. 
Wrestling Style: Harlow is technically sound and has adopted something of a “no frills” style. She might be a lady, but she can still knuckle up and brawl with the best of them, if need be. She’s stronger than she looks and will use that to her advantage, if she can. She uses a lot of impact moves as well. True to the whole "back in the day" theme of her aesthetic, her throwback style prevails in much of her moveset. 
Gimmick: Harlow is in love with old school Americana (minus the segregation and McCarthyism and shit). The clothes, the music, all of that. She sees herself as a modern-day silver screen siren, channeling the likes of classic blonde bombshells such as Jayne Mansfield, Grace Kelly, and her two namesakes, Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. She’s obsessed with the idealized picture of femininity presented by the female sex symbols of the time, and while those days are long gone, there’s little stopping her from donning a red lip and some bouffant curls. Oh, she’s a lady, and ladies never start fights, but they sure as hell finish them. 

Common Moves. 

001. Back body drop
002. Belly-to-belly suplex
003. Discus clothesline
004. Drop toe-hold
005. Half nelson dropped into a neckbreaker
006. Hangman’s neckbreaker
007. Right hook
008. Rope-aided handstand double-knee drop
009. Running leaping shoulder blockS
010. Samoan drop
011. Shinbreaker
012. Snapmare followed by a big boot to a seated opponent
013. Snapmare knee sttack
014. Swinging side slam
015. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
016. Wheelbarrow suplex
Signature Moves.

001. Carnival Ride (cloverleaf giant swing)
002. RLD: Red Lipstick Driver (snap front facelock drop)
Finishing Moves.

001. Blonde Bomb (Gory bomb
002. The Centerfold (Bridging figure-four leglock)
Harlow Monroe

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