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Kyle Lewis.

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Ring Name: 
Kyle Lewis.
Government Name: Caralyn Shawnee Ortega (nee Lewis). 
Birthday: June 20, 1982.
Nickname: "Cold-Hearted".
Height: Five feet, four inches.
Weight: One hundred and twenty-eight pounds.
Billed From: Nashville, Tennessee.

Picbase: Mickie James. 
In-Ring Attire:

Segment Attire:

Entrance Theme: “Out of the Black" -- Royal Blood.

Detailed Entrance Description: TBA. 

Disposition: Cocky, shit-talking heel. Neutral evil. 

Wrestling Style: Strong style meets smash-mouth redneck bullshit is probably the best way to put it. She can employ all of the crisp, pretty striking and technical acumen that is characteristic of the promotion she now works in, but she’s mixed it all with the fundamentals she learned as a trainee in the South. She can just as easily punch you right in the mouth or elbow you in the side of the head. Is Southern Strong Style a thing? No? It is now.
Gimmick: The high priestess of shit-talk, Kyle Lewis, is a veteran of fifteen years who feels like she’s seen it all, in some aspects. Any promotion you’ve tried to get into, she’s already done a stint there. Any title you’ve tried to win, she’s probably already held -- twice. As good as she may be at wrestling, her favorite part of the whole game might be wearing down opponents with insults and verbal barbs before, during, and after a match. And man, it shows. She’s not uptight by any means, and loves to laugh...always at someone else’s expense. This woman runs her mouth, but she backs it up. She’s sarcastic, rude, and maybe a little bit entitled. But everyone who calls her that to her face usually gets punched or ridiculed, depending on how she feels on that day. For the respect-heavy world of puroresu, she’s going to be the worst nightmare of many a wrestler. It takes a cold-hearted person to laugh it up one second and beat the holy hell out of you the next, and to feel no remorse concerning it, either. 

Common Moves.
001. Arched big boot

002. Backdrop suplex
003. Backslide driver.
004. Bridging fallaway slam
005. Double-underhook facebuster.
006. Forearm smash, sometimes to an oncoming opponent
007. German suplex, sometimes release, deadlift, or bridging
008. Hair-pull mid-clinch knee lifts.
009. Headbutt.
010. Indian deathlock
011. Inverted tornado DDT
012. Leg-hook STO
013. Shoot kick
014. Triangle armbar
Signature Moves. 
001. Black Friday (hammerlock DDT) 
002. Body Electric (second-rope sitout high-angle powerslam)
Finishing Moves. 

001. Southern Discomfort (Kneeling inverted sharpshooter)
002. Tennessee River Crossing (swinging leg-hook fireman’s carry slam)
Kyle Lewis

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