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Belle Kingsley.

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Ring Name: Belle Kingsley.
Government Name: Mirabelle Holly Paxton.
Birthday: February 2, 1990.
Nickname: “The Heart and Soul of NKCW”.
Picbase: Candice LeRae.
Height: Five feet, two inches.
Weight: One hundred and ten pounds.
Billed From: Cardiff, Wales. 

Picbase: Candice LeRae.
In-Ring Attire:

Segment Attire:

Entrance Theme: "Party Girl" -- McFly.

Detailed Entrance Description: TBA.

Disposition: Happy, by-the-book babyface. Lawful good. 

Wrestling Style: There will never be a time when Belle isn’t at a size or strength disadvantage, but she’s more than equipped to deal with that. She’s a daredevil who’s not the least bit afraid of flinging her (small) body at an opponent all for the sake of keeping them down. Her quickness makes her hard to keep up with, and her habit of throwing caution to the wind and going for high-risk, high-reward moves make her hard to plan for.
Gimmick: Ever wondered what bottled energy would look like in human form? Look no further than Belle Kingsley. Someone might have every reason to think a girl as bubbly and happy-go-lucky as her might not be well-suited for the rough-and-tumble world of British wrestling, but to make that assumption is to be totally wrong. She’s going as far as her optimistic attitude and never-say-die attitude will take her. She’s someone who refuses to break the rules and has a strong connection with the fans -- hence the “Heart and Soul” moniker. So long as there’s breath in her lungs, she’ll do her part to raise the bar and make NKCW the best it can be. 

Common Moves.

001. Corkscrew somersault leg drop

002. Diving clothesline
003. Enzuigiri, from the ring apron
004. Front missile dropkick
005. Handspring back elbow
006. Japanese arm drag
007. Multiple hurricanrana variations
--Spin Cycle (Dragon)
008. Slingshot guillotine leg drop
009. Springboard arm drag

010. Springboard moonsault
011. Springboard senton bomb
012. Standing sitout shiranui
013. Suicide dive
014. Suicide somersault plancha
Signature Moves. 

001. Fateful Fall (Handspring cutter)
002. Fever Dream (front flip DDT)
003. The Knight's Shield Kick (Feint superkick, followed by a second superkick to an opponent's knee) -- adopted from Otto Knight
Finishing Moves.

001. Force Choke (Tilt-a-whirl gogoplata)
002. Kingsley’s Crowning (Imploding 450° splash)
003. The Belle Curve (moonsault double-foot stomp)
Belle Kingsley

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