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Daniel Reddington III

Post by Daniel Reddington III on Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:05 am

Name: Daniel Reddington III
Pronounced: Daniel Reddington The Third

Nickname (Optional): "Thy Kingdom's Invader"; "The Child Of Envy"; "The Child Of Abandonment"
Never refers to himself as such, but is commonly called this by his peers.

Picbase: Chris Brookes

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 184lbs.

Hometown: Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, UK

Entrance Theme: The Prince Of Darkness by Peter Gundry

Wrestling Style: A mixed hybrid would be the best way to describe Daniel Reddington The Third. Though not a true hybrid at heart, however, if a defined number ratio was on the table it'd be 70% brawler and 30% technician. While he may have the height advantage of being six foot four', don't let that deceive you. Daniel's low weight and agility allows the man to do some things guys half his size can do. While he doesn't leave his feet often, he can still burst out high-octane offense like the best of them.

Gimmick: Years upon years of abandonment and envy manifested itself into one man seeking revenge. For years Daniel Reddington III scoured the UK Independent Scene, bone dry were the crowds. A business tanking beyond belief for nearly an entire two decades, only for a sudden surge to transpire. Professional Wrestling hitting a huge boom period seemingly out of nowhere across the pond, yet Daniel Reddington III was overshadowed. A man that was one of the last people on the scene scratching and clawing for the industry to stay alive was looked past for younger talent, pushed aside like yesterdays trash! A once good-hearted man, a once good-hearted soul turned evil in the blink of an eye because of this. Darkness rose, total darkness filled Daniel's bloodstream and the sophisticated lad determined in the back of his mind that one day the time would come. One day the just desserts would be served and all that bottled up anger would be spewed out for the United Kingdom to see first hand. Thy New Kingdom Came, but Daniel Reddington III has one motive. One belief. One promise. Thy Kingdom Shall Fall.

Common Moves:
⍫ - Forearm Smash
⍫ - European Uppercut
⍫ - Headbutt
⍫ - Low Calf Kick
⍫ - Side Headlock
⍫ - Side Headlock Takeover
⍫ - Chin Lock
⍫ - Dragon Sleeper
⍫ - Kick To The Back Of A Seated Opponent
⍫ - Running Big Boot
⍫ - Running Lariat
⍫ - Jumping Knee Strike
⍫ - Fujiwara Armbar (Commonly used as a rest hold to gain his breath back, never to submit.)
⍫ - Rolling Heel Hook (Commonly used as a wear down submission, never to submit.)
⍫ - Single Arm DDT
⍫ - Overhand Chop
⍫ - Dropkick
⍫ - Low Dropkick
⍫ - Running Crossbody
⍫ - Middle Rope Forearm Smash
⍫ - Middle Rope Tornado DDT

Less Common:
⍫ - Springboard Roundhouse Kick
⍫ - Pendulum Big Boot (always as a counter move following getting hit with a big strike)
⍫ - Suicide Dive

Signature Moves (5 Max):
⍫ - Spinning Back Kick To The Gut (Used primarily as the first move in his finishing sequence, leaves the opponent on their feet but bending over)

⍫ - Running Bicycle Kick To The Side Of The Head (Used as the second move in his finishing sequence, usually done after running off the ropes for added momentum but always done to a bent over opponent and leaves the opponent in a kneeling position. Can be used on its own as a way to skip the first move in the sequence, always is followed up with his third move in the finishing sequence)

⍫ - Running Front Dropkick (Used as the third move in his finishing sequence, usually done after running off the ropes for added momentum but always done to a kneeling opponent. When connected it leaves the opponent in a seated but dazed position, allowing the attempt of his finishing maneuver to come after. Can be used on its own as a way to skip the first and second move of the finishing move sequence but is always followed up with his finisher.)

⍫ - Running Crucifix Turnbuckle Powerbomb (Used most often as a way to set up for his secondary finisher, however can be used on its own given the circumstance. Also can be used to throw his opponent against the ring apron and steel post.)

Finisher(s) (3 Max):
⍫ - Thy Kingdom Fall (Double Foot Stomp; Can be done from several positions, most commonly seen off of the top rope to a seated opponent following his kick combination sequence. Can be done to a standing opponent, laying opponent, or seated opponent. Can be done off of the middle and top rope, can also be done off of objects such as steel trusses, ladders, elevated stages, etc. Can be used to put their opponent through a table, on an opponent that is seated on a steel chair.)

⍫ - I.C.D (Invade. Conquer. Destroy; Running Double Knee Facebreaker; Most commonly done right after the Running Crucifix Turnbuckle Powerbomb as the opponent is falling towards him. The move can be done from various positions, however, almost an out of nowhere factor with the move. The move is able to catch opponents out of the air on attempted diving attacks.)

Daniel Reddington III

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