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Mia Marie Vega

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RING NAME: Mia Marie Vega
NICKNAME: The Chicago Heart Breaker
BIRTHDAY: November 6th, 1990
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5′ 7″ & 140 lbs
Chicago, Illinois
THEME SONG: Gangster's Paradise by Like a Storm
WRESTLING STYLE: Hardcore and Showman. She likes to taunt and mock her opponents every chance she gets.
CHARACTER SUMMARY: After the being the reason behind the fall of DIW, The Outspoken Chicago native, Mia Marie Vega, moved out of the states and made her way to RSCW in Japan. Growing up, Mia was trained to be a hardcore wrestler, just like her father. She is rude, reckless and is willing to do anything to make it to the top of the company.  Basically, Mia was born to raise hell and now is ready to rock the wrestling world to its core with her brutal ways.
COMMON MOVES: Belly to Belly Suplex, Roundhouse Kick, Samoan drop, Big Boot, Sidewalk Slam, Enzuigiri, Spin kick, Short-arm clothesline, single-knee facebreaker, tilt-a-whirl mat slam,Standing moonsault, Dragon sleeper, Corner clothesline, Running Front Dropkick, Headscissor Takedown, Scissor Kick, Hair-pull toss, SideKick, Hurricanrana, Rope-hung DDT, Multiple Knee Drops, Ground Knee Strikes.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Dead Air (Diving double underhook facebuster), From The Heavens (Diving Elbow Drop), Eternal Chaos (Flying forearm smash followed by a kip-up), The Golden Ruins (Modified figure-four leglock)
FINISHERS: Chi-Raq Attack (Argentine backbreaker drop), W.T.P. /Welcome To Paradise (Inverted DDT)
Mia Marie Vega

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