Cardiac Arrest.

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Cardiac Arrest.

Post by Kyle Lewis on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:23 pm


Team Name: Cardiac Arrest.
Team Members: Mia Marie Vega and Kyle Lewis.
Billed From: Chicago, Illinois (Mia) and Nashville, Tennessee (Kyle).
Combined Weight: 268 lbs.
Respective Heights: Five feet, seven inches (Mia); five feet, four inches (Kyle).

Team's Theme Music: "Bad Girls (Drift Static Remix)" -- M.I.A.

Team's Alignment: Heel. Rude, disrespectful, self-serving gaijins. 
Reason For Teaming: There's nothing Mia and Kyle love more than keeping people guessing and turning expectations on their heads. These hellraisers already have a penchant for causing trouble wherever they go, but nowhere will their knack for bad girl chicanery be more spotlighted than in RSCW. Everyone knows that the world of Japanese wrestling relies very heavily on respect and honor. Mia and Kyle don't care about any of that. They turn heads, shatter hearts, break necks, and cash checks. They're out to be the antithesis of everything that hardcore puro fans think a team should be -- all while winning matches just the same. They're sarcastic and love to crack jokes at the expense of those around them. They're out to induce heart attacks in those who can't stand to see them succeed in this promotion. Cardiac Arrest is here, and the coronaries are imminent. 

Signature Moves:
DOA: Dead on Arrival (Stereo superkicks)
OHS: Open Heart Surgery (Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker dropped into a pendulum backbreaker submission (Mia) followed by a diving elbow drop to the chest (Kyle); sometimes done on the outside of the ring)

Tachycardia (Stereo hesitation dropkicks)

Finishing Moves:

Blood Thinner (Simultaneous jumping knee strike (Mia)/legsweep (Kyle) to an opponent)
Flatliner (Slingshot cutter (Kyle) to an opponent held in a wheelbarrow hold (Mia) dropped into a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster) 
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