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Sidney Knight

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RING NAME: Sidney Knight
NICKNAME: The Royal Rebel, The British Killjoy
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5′ 4″ & 125 lbs
HAILING FROM: London, United Kingdom
THEME SONG: Mayhem by Halestorm

WRESTLING STYLE: Hardcore/Showman
CHARACTER SUMMARY: Years after graduating from her family’s Wrestling school: the Knightmare Dome, Sidney Knight finally arrived in the company NKCW . She is a very simple person outside of the ring...but in it? She is a wild and loud hardcore wrestler; who isn’t afraid to fight and get down and dirty with anyone in the ring. Coming from a long line of ‘bullies’; Sidney stands up for the oddballs of the wrestling world and will stop at nothing to show everyone that the Freaks are in and the fakes are out.
COMMON MOVES: Running High Knee, Dropkick, Enzuigiri, Diving Crossbody, Koji Clutch, Running Springboard Arm drag, DDT, Running Bulldog, Shining wizard, Standing moonsault, Dragon sleeper, Corner clothesline, Running Front Dropkick, SideKick, Hurricanrana, Rope-hung DDT, Inverted headlock backbreaker, Leaping knee drop, Dropkick, Leaping clothesline, Springboard bulldog., Multiple Knee Drops.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Bittersweet Downfall (Discus clothesline, sometimes to an oncoming opponent), Sleeping Dread (Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors), Diving double knee drop,  London Blackout (Modified headscissors driver into the turnbuckle)
FINISHERS:  Her Last Vow (Wind-up overhead kick), The Knight's Cross (Headscissors Takedown into Fujiwara Armbar)
Sidney Knight

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