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Livvy Graves

Post by Livvy Graves on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:26 am

‘One. Two...Livvy Graves' is coming for you. Three, Four--Ya better lock your door. Five,
Six-- Grab ah Kendo Stick. Seven, Eight--Its too Late. Nine, Ten--Livvy’s gonna kill again.'

RING NAME: Livvy Graves
REAL NAME: Olivia J. Graves
BIRTHDAY: June 6th, 1994
NICKNAME: The American Nightmare, The Springwood Slasher. The Woman of your Dreams.  
FACE/TWEENER/HEEL: Sarcastic, Chaotic Neutral
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5′ 0″ & 128 lbs
HAILING FROM: Springwood, Ohio
THEME SONG: Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey
WRESTLING STYLE: HighFlyer/Showman
Welcome the walking Nightmare: Livvy Graves to ICWA She is a cocky, sarcastic, sharp-tongued, hard headed young woman that love to fight hard and prove to people why she is the most hardcore wrestler in the whole company.
In her mind, she was born to raise hell and destroy her opponents all with a smile on her face.
So with this little spark of death lurking in every shadows; you can try to run. You can try to hide but be warned: Every town has a wrestling ring.
COMMON MOVES: Running High Knee,Enzuigiri, Diving Crossbody, Koji Clutch, Running Springboard Arm drag, DDT, Running Bulldog, Shining wizard, Standing moonsault, Dragon sleeper, Corner clothesline, Running Front Dropkick
SideKick, Hurricanrana, Rope-hung DDT, Inverted headlock backbreaker, Leaping knee drop, Dropkick, Leaping clothesline, Springboard bulldog, Multiple Knee Drops.
-Downward Spiral (Somersault Plancha)
-Slice and Dice (Sling Blade)
- Burned Man’s Noose (Cross Armbreaker/often while rolling)
-The Third Degree I (Double Knee Drop)
- The Third Degree II (Jumping double knee drop to an opponent's midsection followed by a standing moonsault double knee drop)
-W.T.P. aka Welcome To Primetime (Springboard Spanish Fly/Sometimes Standing Spanish Fly)
-The Final Nightmare (One Handed Back Breaker)
-Graveyard Bash (Bridging fisherman's suplex precede by running knee strike, to the head of a bent over opponent)
Livvy Graves

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