The Dawn Of INFINITE - Press Conference

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The Dawn Of INFINITE - Press Conference

Post by Jackson Roberts on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:30 am

Professional Wrestling is an artform of entertainment that dates back ages and ages ago, so it should come to no surprise that combat sport athletes are huge fans. What does come to a surprise, however, is the recent press conference held by retired Mixed Martial Artist, Jackson Roberts. Not only did the former Lightweight Champion of the world announce that he'd be entering the world of professional wrestling, but also announced he'd, in fact, be heading his own promotion instead of competing. Jackson Roberts dubbed the press conference the dawning of forever before revealing the INFINITE Pro Wrestling logo to the MGM Grand Ballroom crowd. What is INFINITE Pro Wrestling? A question many reporters including myself were asking as the logo was revealed, however, we very quickly got our answer from the former MMA champion himself.

"I've always been a fan of the Professional Wrestling world, I truly have. So when I announced my retirement from the Mixed Martial Arts world last Spring I decided that my first love would need a little bit of attention.", Roberts said. "I made a few phone calls, talked to a few friends I've made over in the pro wrestling world over the years and got some business advice. A few months later and after a very successful pitch in the boardroom of Spike TV, current broadcasters of Bellator Fighting Championship, we reached a decision to sign a contract for this Fall. The contract is for a new professional wrestling company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. More specifically INFINITE Pro Wrestling is proud to announce not only will we be airing on Spike TV in the coming weeks, but also that we will be airing from right here in the MGM Grand Ballroom!"

Jackson Roberts was always known in the MMA world for his crazy antics at press conferences, but the announcement he made today may have taken the cake. Not only did the former Lightweight Champion announced he'd be figure heading his own professional wrestling company, but also that INFINITE Pro Wrestling have already reached a deal with Spike TV to air their content on the channel alongside Bellator Fighting Championship.

Spike TV isn't new to the Professional Wrestling world by any means. From October of 2005 until December of 2014 the channel aired Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, now known as Impact Wrestling. At the time of 2014, the company felt that professional wrestling had run it's course on the channel. With the recent success of MMA promotion, Bellator Fighting Championship, it appears the television company is looking to dip it's toes back into the water of professional wrestling. Perhaps the big biting point for Spike is the fact that one of the top Lightweights in the world of MMA is backing the project, but never the less having a national television slot is a huge deal no matter why the company wanted it.

"I've thought about the plan of action for months now with the company, creatively that is. I know that I can bring a flavor of Professional Wrestling that you’re not going to see anywhere else but in INFINITE Pro Wrestling. Pro Wrestling mixed with Mixed Martial Arts, and this will be the ultimate atmosphere!”, he said. “Only the best athletes will be competing in INFINITE Pro, only the best! However to get the true best in the entire world, INFINITE Pro Wrestling is proud to announce the partnership with the International Wrestling Alliance!”

The International Wrestling Alliance is an alliance featuring four of the most different companies in the world meeting under one umbrella. High Impact Wrestling, Rising Sun Championship Wrestling, New Kingdom Championship Wrestling, and last but not least the ADL. These four promotions will now be joined by INFINITE Pro Wrestling, and the heavily MMA influenced company should by all means fit in just nicely with the wide variety of companies featured in the IWA.

”I touched on the Mixed Martial Arts influence that INFINITE Pro will have a bit ago, but let me be the first to come out and tell you that once the bell rings? Once the fight begins? That thing is going to be exactly what you’re use to in a pro wrestling environment. Many of the differences that it will have however will come from a production side of things, however one key difference that affects the in ring competition is this. Weight classes. On the women's side of thing not so much as their will be one category starting off for them in INFINITE, we are however open to splitting the women into two weight classes if the talent shows that it needs to happen. With the men though we will have three weight classes, plain and simple. A Heavyweight division featuring talent two hundred and fifty pounds and up, a Light Heavyweight division featuring talent between two hundred and six pounds to two hundred and forty nine pounds. Lastly a Lightweight division featuring talent two hundred and five pounds or less.”, Roberts said. “From a production standpoint you’ll be seeing post-fight interviews in the squared circle, interviews with our athletes, a complete ranking system dedicated to the athletes to determine value in the company in terms of contenders, and even press conferences where you the press will be able to ask our athletes questions before fight night.”

After announcing all of the major features of INFINITE Pro Wrestling, Jackson Roberts moved the press conference to a question and answers portion. Many of the press not knowing how to tackle the wrestling specific questions exactly, however a few key questions were asked and answer. One being the question of tag team wrestling to which Jackson Roberts quickly turned down. He explained that fighting to him is a war between two individuals, and that’s what we’ll see each and every time INFINITE Pro Wrestling comes on screen. The other question asked was about the championships and if there was a title more valuable than another, to which Jackson replied with no. He talked heavily about the importance that each championship would hold, all four championships being world championships in his eye that could all interchangeably main event a pay-per-view. Outside of those two wrestling specific questions the rest of the Q&A portion remained heavily about the business aspects of things before finally Jackson Roberts thanked us for our time and ended the press conference.

In closing the shocking announcement of a new Professional Wrestling company owned by former MMA Lightweight champion Jackson Roberts shocked nearly every reporter that showed up to the event. The announcement has sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry as well, many legends of the craft giving the company one television season. Meanwhile many others are being positive about the announcement, saying that the breath of fresh air is a wonderful change of pace and say Jackson Roberts is a welcomed addition to their craft. Regardless though, Jackson Roberts said one thing at the press conference that was very true, INFINITE Pro Wrestling has changed the landscape.

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