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Jewel Archer.

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Ring Name: Jewel Archer.
Government Name: Norah Jewel Archer.

Birthday: May 29, 1989.
Nickname: "The Houston Heroine".

Height: Five feet, ten inches.
Weight: One-hundred and forty-four pounds.
Billed From: Houston, Texas. 

Picbase: Charlotte Flair.
In-Ring Attire:

Segment Attire:

Entrance Theme: "In The Air Tonight" -- Nonpoint.
Detailed Entrance Description: TBA.

Disposition: Lawful neutral. No-nonsense, almost cold, sometimes stoic good guy with zero tolerance for those who are dishonorable or take shortcuts. Not necessarily bubbly or anything, but still definitely abides by the rules and is generally pretty respectful.
Wrestling Style: Where other female opponents (and male opponents who aren’t too terribly large), she exhibits an almost-exclusively powerhouse style, flinging them around and exploiting a strength advantage that will bring offensive flurries and aerial moves to a grinding halt. In other cases where she can’t rely on her strength as much, she’ll definitely brawl and can throw hands with just about anybody.
Gimmick: As someone who was introduced to the business and ultimately trained by her older sister Claire, who is a retired wrestler in her own right, Jewel has the utmost respect for the art of wrestling and refuses to slack off or seek out loopholes. Being a former collegiate athlete, she is no stranger to hard work and dedication. She brings all the same drive and discipline to her wrestling pursuits, and doesn’t have any time for anybody who doesn’t carry themselves in the same manner. The constant pursuits of justice and greatness are what push Jewel forward. It’s not necessarily the best idea to stand in her way. 

Common Moves.
001. Double-knee backbreaker
002. Gutwrench suplex
003. Inverted superplex
004. Kesagiri chop, to an oncoming opponent
005. Palm strike, to an opponent's chin, sometimes used to counter a diving attack
006. Roll-up, lifted into a sitout powerbomb
007. Rolling fireman's carry slam
008. Slingshot belly-to-belly backbreaker
009. Swinging neckbreaker, to a rope-hung opponent
010. Wrist-clutch Samoan driver
Signature Moves.
001. Archer's Bow (horizontal belly-to-back suplex spun into a sitout facebuster)
002. Bullet With A Name (backbreaker rack dropped into a cutter)
003. Hollow Point (arm-trap headlock driver)
Finishing Moves.
001. Death Of A Bachelorette (vertical suplex piledriver)
002. Run The Jewels (avalanche double-knee facebreaker)
003. The Addiction (wrist-clutch fisherman buster)
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