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Nicolette Letourneau.

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Name: Nicolette Letourneau.
Nickname: “Lights Out”.
Picbase: Paige VanZant.
Height: Five feet, four inches.
Weight: One hundred and twenty-five pounds (women’s bantamweight).
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Entrance Theme: “The Last of the Real Ones” -- Fall Out Boy.

Wrestling Style: Heavily reliant on strikes, hence the “Lights Out” moniker. Her kicks, punches, knees, and elbows are anything but errant, too. If you get dropped, it’s no accident or lucky blow. She could very realistically cost you a tooth or two -- and have a smile on her face the whole time.
Common Moves. 
001. Armbar legsweep
002. Dragon screw leg whip
003. Fireman’s carry takeover transitioned into an armbar
004. Flapjack punch
005. Front facelock STO
006. Hammerlock swinging side slam backbreaker
007. Kneeling rear mat slam
008.Multiple kick variations
--Jumping hook kick
009. Palm strike
010. Sliding double-leg takedown
011. Sliding knee strike
012. Snapmare knee attack
013. Straight jabs
Signature Moves. 
001. Air Canada (Superman punch)
002. Étoile Filante (elbow drop bulldog)
Finishing Moves.
001. Couvre-feu (jumping switch kick)
002. Mount Royal Special (multiple elbow smash variations)
--Discus, sometimes to the back of an opponent's head
--Inverted headlock transitioned into
--Wrist-lock transitioned into a short-arm

How likely is your character to miss a weight cut/weigh in over his weight class?: Is zero an option? Nicolette can be goofy and carefree, but at the end of the day, this is still her job and she at least TRIES to be professional. If at all possible, she’s not gonna jeopardize her livelihood by not making weight.

How likely is your character to purposefully not answer questions at a press conference seriously?: A six or so. Nicolette is playful and enjoys joking around, so while she’ll do her best to answer questions and not make anybody’s job more difficult than it needs to be, she can’t always make any guarantees.

How likely is your character going to lose his cool at a press conference and try to fight their opponent then and there?: Roughly a seven or eight on losing her cool, a four or five on the actual fighting part. Nicolette is a firecracker and won’t really hesitate to pop off or engage in a bit of shit-talk if the opportunity arises. Whether or not the aforementioned shit-talk is good-natured banter or borderline-vile and jugular-snatching depends on who she’s talking to. Still, it takes quite a bit to get her to the point where she’s actually going to flip over a table and put the boots to somebody. She tries to behave, she really does.

How likely is your character going to give a great speech after their fight win or lose?: Nine, she likes to talk. She’s better than most at nailing down candid post-fight anecdotes, whether also dealing with the elation of a win or the disappointment of a loss. Perhaps it all circles back to her fun-loving personality; if she’s riding high after a win, she wants to share that joy with people and if she’s a bit dejected after losing, she wants to reassure everyone that she’ll bounce back and be okay.

How likely is your character going to make enemies out of the other fighters?: Five, probably. Nicolette certainly isn’t outright mean, but some could argue that she plays around TOO much sometimes. If nothing else, that’s probably the one attribute that would rub somebody the wrong way.
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