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RING NAME: August Knight
REAL NAME: August William Knight
BIRTHDAY: December 21st, 1987
NICKNAME: The Dark Mass (Also known as The Oscura Masa to the Fans of ADL)
PICTURE BASE: Aleister Black
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6′ 0″ & 206 lbs
HAILING FROM: London, England, United Kingdom
THEME SONG: "Evil Ways" by Blues Saraceno
WRESTLING STYLE: Hardcore/Brutal
CHARACTER SUMMARY: The first born son of London's finest wrestler: Erick Knight, August Knight is known all around the world as the Dark Mass of the Wrestling Kingdom. Like most of his family, he pushed and destroyed everyone who stood in his way to get where he is today. He has left his mark in places like NKCW and left his victims in ruins. He is not a person you would want to meet in the squared circle or a dark alley alone. Now with his wife by his side, Knight has set his eyes on a new place with a new 'mission' on his mind: Conquer ADL and make it the new Kingdom of the Knightmares.
COMMON MOVES: Running High Knee, Dropkick, Double leg slam, Superkick, Diving crossbody, Corner clothesline, European uppercut, Leaping knee drop, Garvin stomp, Snap scoop powerslam, etc.
Dusk before Dawn (Elevated DDT, most often performed on a wrestler hanging from the middle rope)
The Knight's Cross (Grounded Fujiwara Armbar)
Blind Spot (Snake Eyes, followed by a running big boot)
Multiple kick variations: Roundhouse, Spinning heel, Dropkicks, etc
Vintage Knight (Inverted headlock backbreaker)
August Rush (Spin kick)
D.O.A aka Dead on Arrival (Fireman's Carry Facebuster)
The RedRum Effect (Pumphandle lift into a reverse STO)

RING NAME: Talia Knight
REAL NAME: Talia Elizabeth Knight (Nee Crane)
BIRTHDAY: February 17th, 1991
PICTURE BASE:  Nikki Cross
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5′ 2″, 120lbs
HAILING FROM: Blackpool, England, United Kingdom
ROLE: Manager and Wife of August Knight
CHARACTER SUMMARY: Talia Knight (nee Crane) is the Manager/Wife of August Knight. She may be small but do not let her height fool you. Talia is feisty as hell and will stop at nothing to make her husband happy...even by helping him win his matches by spitting black mist (which she calls her 'Kiss of Fear') into the eyes of his 'victims' while the Ref's back is turned. In the end, she is truly August's secret weapon in the ring.
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