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Sarafina Lynch.

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Name: Sarafina Danielle Lynch
Nickname (Optional): "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Jersey Devil"
Picbase: Liv Morgan
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches
Weight(Keep in mind of the weight class structure detailed in the guideline thread): 116 pounds
Hometown: Elmwood Park, NJ
Entrance Theme: CRZY by Kehlani
Wrestling Style: She has a very mixed style, mostly a mix of MMA and Technician.


Common Moves: Guillotine Choke / Belly-To-Back Suplex / Moonsault / Enzuigiri / Arm Trap Double Knee Backbreaker / Monkey Flip / Jumping Clothesline / Spinebuster / Discus Elbow Smash / Senton / Reverse STO / Diving Leg Drop / Lotus Lock / Tornado DDT
Signature Moves (5 Max): Northern Lights (Northern Lights Suplex) / Welcome To Slamtown (Spinning Side Slam) / Goooooal! (Multiple Shoot Kicks) / Jersey Shore Shuffle (Running Turnbuckle Thrust with Theatrics) / Unprettier (Superkick)
Finisher(s) (3 Max): Nice To Knee You (Modified Running Double Knee Facebreaker) / Devil's Triangle (Triangle Armbar) / KO -- Knockout (Fireman's Carry Cutter)


Is your character more humble or arrogant?: She can be humble, but sometimes has a bit of an arrogant vibe to her sometimes without knowing.

Answer The Following Questions On A 1(Never) through 10(Always) scale.
How likely is your character to miss a weight cut/weigh in over his weight class?: Rarely ever, maybe sometimes gaining a few pounds from all of the pizza she eats. So, we'll give this a 3.
How likely is your character to purposefully not answer questions at a press conference seriously?: She can be very silly most of the time, but will always be sure to answer questions as truthfully as possible. We'll give this a 5.
How likely is your character going to lose his cool at a press conference and try to fight their opponent then and there?: Rarely ever, she's got very thick skin and rarely ever loses her cool. So, we'll give this a 9.
How likely is your character going to give a great speech after their fight win or lose?: When she wins, she'll give one of the best speeches to her abilities. However, she might refuse an interview having suffered a stunning loss. So, we'll give this a 4.
How likely is your character going to make enemies out of the other fighters?: Rarely ever, at least not on purpose. This gets a 2.

Sarafina Lynch.

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