Bruce Benchely

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Bruce Benchely

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:56 am

Name: Bruce Benchely

Nickname (Optional): The Great White, The Shallows Killer,

Picbase: Kevin Nash WCW

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Height: 7'0

Weight: 295 lbs

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Entrance Theme: Night Prowler by ACDC

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse with Strong Attacks. Little Speed, mostly strength.

Gimmick: A hardened foreigner with a love of battle and of the spoils of battle. Bruce attacks like a shark, smelling blood in the water and immediately charging for it, without a single regard for how bloody he leaves his targets.

Signature Moves (5 Max):
Big Boot
Sidewalk Slam
Spinning Crucifix Toss

Finisher(s) (3 Max):
Feeding Frenzy - Jackknife Powerbomb

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