NKCW Restrictions

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NKCW Restrictions

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:14 pm

Truly there is only one restriction to any NKCW superstar, and that is that the superstar predominantly must be from the UK or Europe in general. They have strictly designed themselves to be a UK show, which means that few, if any, US stars are prohibited from taking part in more than one or two matches. This has opened it to allowing them to use Australian and New Zealand stars, but even then this is rare.

Aside from that, the idea of promos. As far as NKCW is concerned, the art of the promo is just that, an art. Rarely will a promo take place in a ring, or with a backstage microphone, they tend to be much more thematic in nature. Character is everything, because character translated into good wrestling, breeds great television. So, for that...create something unique and have fun.

Oh...and there is one final rule. To the audience watching around the world. The rule is...


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